SP-JS-02 Multi function portable car jump starter

Product Introduction
Multi function Portable Car Jump Starter is a portable set which has the function of car power supply and power bank,in full energy, it can start the car more than 18 times continuously.It can work from -20 degree to 60 degree and has perfect protection mechanism.

Compared with the other production,the main feature is we use the 18650 Cylinder high-power Lithium battery as the core and use the DC contactor to control the high current output,it improves the safety and stability.The humanized design can makes it many advantages:small size,light weight,easy to carry,easy to operate and high safety.

Lithium-ion battery/18650/400A peak,200A cranking/Seven security protection mechanisms/ Digital concept/USB/Mini

Product features
1.High reliability : Adopt the 18650 Lithium-ion battery for electric power tools .
2.High stability: Once the jump starter is fully charged,it can be used to start the vehicles for 18 times.
3.High security: Adopt overvoltage protection,undervoltage protection, reverse connection protection,high temperature protection,anti overcharge protection,overcurrent protection,short circuit protection and multiple protections.
4.Strong availability: In addition to the basic function of the emergency start,this product also provides illumination,early warning, Charger Baby and many kinds of practical functions.
5.Strong convenience: easy operation,small volume,light weight,easy to carry.
6.Strong temperature adaptability: It can work at -20°C to 60°C.
7. Long service life: Product Idle Life > 2 years.
8. ECO-Friendly: Contains no Lead, Mercury or Cadmium.


Weight 0.6KG (1.32lbs)
Product Dim. 108 × 99 × 24.5mm (4.25” × 3.90” × 0.97”)
Ternary Lithium Battery 12V/4.5AH
Battery Cycle Life 500 Times (80% DOD)
Instant Amp 400A for 20 Milliseconds
Cranking Amp 200A (on 5 Seconds than need to stop 1 Minutes)
Using Cycles 18 Times
USB 14V/1A
LED 4~5H
Charger Spec. 5V/2A
Full Charging Time 0.25W/25Lm
Operating Temperature Range 0°C ~ 45°C (Continuous Charge Temperature )
-20°C ~ 60°C (Continuous Discharge Temperature
Storage Temperature Range -20°C ~ 60°C

1.It can start the car engine less than 3000CD, Small dynamo, small yacht, baby truck and light truck.
2. It can work as the power bank for cell phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5.
3. It can work as the portable power bank for cigarette lighter, tire pump and many kinds of practical onboard equipment.

Emergency start lighting early warning Mobile charging treasure

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