1 Q: How to turn off the power supply ?

A: The device has intellectual-detecting function,once the charging has completedor the products is free or load,it will start the auto-sleeping mode in order to save power.

2 Q: How long it takes to charge for the device?

A: It will take about 4-5 hours to full charge the product with the 14V1A charger.

3 Q: How many times can it start the car?

A: Over 20 times.

4 Q: How long can it store?

A: Under normal storage situation ,it can store about 12 months .In order to extend the lifespan.please full charge it at least one time every month.

5 Q: How long can it store of full -charged device however still can start the car?

A: About 6 months.

6 Q:I have my own brand, can you do OEM for me?

A:We have many years of OEM exprience, sure we can do for you.

7 Q:I want a special design jump starter only for me, can you do this?

A:Sure we can, we also accept ODM,if you already have the design we can start right away, if you don't have one we can design for you.

8 Q:I am just a small retailer,can I make an order?

A:We give support for all kind of customer,yes you are welcome.

9 Q:How can I place an order?

A:Please choose the product you want and send inquire to us,we will reply immediately.