Our Advantage

The comparison of discharging clamps

① Clamp material and tooth
Nanfeng Clamp: High temperature resistance 120°C,fine copper,heavy current but small calorific value. Market clamp: Bad high temperature character and easily transformation,clamp tooth adopts iron or plating iron, heat seriously when heavy current.
② Clamp size
Nanfeng Clamp: Design standalone,moderation size,good hand feeling,strong tension and do not excursion. Market clamp: most of them are public model,the size is small, bad hand feeling,after stretching,it is easily off-center.
③ Clip connector
Nanfeng Clamp: Industrial design,good hand feeling, easy for inserting andpulling. Market clamp: The connector of the clamp adopts the traditional EC5 terminal,not easy for inserting and pulling.
④ Wire rod of clamp
Nanfeng Clamp: adopt 6.5mm copper wire, soft 6.5mm silica gel wire,environmental protection and high temperature resistance. Market clamp: Wire diameter less than 5mm, wire rod is hard, easily deformation

Application Area

Start 12V Gasoline & Diesel Cars Start the Motorcycle Start the yacht Start the Motor Boat
Charge Mobile Phone Charge Ipad As a Digital Camera MP3/MP4/PSP Charge music player