Ask friends, have encountered a estimated nine out of ten car battery suffered the embarrassment of the. The battery is dead, which means the car can't catch fire. Swollen Mody do, cart? Cart? You are not physically? Now most of the cars are automatic, how can push on fire?

Could not move, then take a fire head. Well, you have to prepare a wire, and then you have to find a car to help. If you are in the open suburbs, or in time to catch up with the situation, this method may not work.

Is there a better way? A recent 4S shop friend gave me a magical charge treasure, and tell me it can start the car. I tested, the positive and negative positive and negative pole and battery clip car battery pole docking, (when battery electric can test, need to put in a battery positive and negative electrode down), red (positive) of the red, black (negative) to black, clamping, the battery clamp to plug this, quickly turn the car keys to start screw gear, the car successfully launched.